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Awwww crap   no comments

Posted at 10:16 am in Whalers News

So I haven’t been good about posting here the last 2 weeks, just cause I’ve been really disappointed with my progress, or actually my lack thereof. I’m bouncing around the last 2 months or so with my weight. It’s been going between 206 and 217, so not that much, but still not great. I’ve pretty much given up on the Men’s Health personal trainer, since it hasn’t seemed to make any difference lately. I’m looking at starting up on some of the magazine workouts, I’ll decide which one tonight when I go.

I’ve been keeping up pretty well with my diet, but got some advice off of traineo to try cycling my diet, which I am starting today. I also started taking green tea supplements and some tonalin CLA. Both are natural and supposedly help promote weight loss. I don’t plan on taking the CLA after they run out (30 days), but may stay on with the green tea, unless I get back in the habit of drinking it at night.

Written by on June 4th, 2008

Whaler Banquet 2008   no comments

Posted at 2:44 pm in Whalers News

Whaler family and friends: check your e-mail for your invite and instructions to the 2008 Whaler banquet. This year we have some good stuff planned, food, a road-trip to a game, awards, and some surprises. If you didn’t get your invite, then let me know and I’ll shoot that out to ya.

Written by on January 14th, 2008

No Captain? but we play on…   no comments

Posted at 8:04 am in Whalers News

This is just to let you kids know that the Captain is not partaking in the summer session of Lost Nation, but the Whalers will live. The team will have hold-overs Brian and Goalie Dave, now known as forward Dave, and Igor. The Nelson family (Michael, Brian and Tom) are joining them this session in the new 3-on-3 format. Tom Nelson is the Dad and will be playing the part of goalie as well. Check out the schedules page for updates on scoring and such.


Written by on July 11th, 2007

“W” stands for “We played hard”   no comments

Posted at 9:09 pm in Captain Postings

Hey Whaler Nation, your guys in green finished the spring session at Lost Nation the other night with a 9-2 playoff loss to the Steamers. (I almost forgot how warm it gets in that place in the summer. Anyone ever heard of air conditioning?) Our final record was 2-7 on the year. Goalie Dave was by far the team’s MVP. He held us in games. Damn that guy is good.

Randy and Vinny were no-shows, again. Guess it was too hot to play hockey but not too hot to play Xbox? As long as Vinny hasn’t fallen into the Warcrap trap. Already lost a guy that way; don’t want to lose another. (Speaking of Warcrap, here’s a public service announcement from your friends in Whalerville… Hey boys and girls, remember to always check for an Adam’s apple before you go on quests with people you meet online. That’ll save you some pretty awkward moments down the road. And now you know. And knowing is half the battle… GI JOE!) Everyone else played hard on Monday night, which was a good way to end the season. Hats off to Jay, Derek, Brian, Beez, and Igor for bringing the effort. Derek even netted a shorty for us after Jay was penalized for interference. (If anyone out there can explain what the hell that call was about, please let the rest of us know. Jay got penalized for just being on the ice? That doesn’t seem right.)

The summer session starts up in a few days. It looks as though the Whalers will be playing in the 3-on-3 portion of it. Going to be some roster changes, too. Randy, Beez, and The Captain aren’t playing this time around. There may even be a goaltending tandem. Goalie Dave might become Skater Dave for some games if Goalie Jen plays between the pipes. Definitely a new look for the new session. Here’s hoping they can STRIKE UP THE BAND!

Gimme a Gungala Gungala and let’s go!

Written by on June 27th, 2007

“W” stands for “What an effort!”   no comments

Posted at 10:46 pm in Captain Postings

Hey Whaler Nation, your Guys in Green put it together Monday night and beat the Stars 9-4! For the first time in a few games we had a full roster. It was nice to be able to make wholesale changes and keep guys fresh.

Also for the first time in a long time, everyone turned in a great effort from start to finish. The skaters skated, the muckers mucked, and the goalie goalied. (Yeah that’s a new word. Deal with it.)

Our o-ffense was provided by Randy, Jay, Derek, and the B. Short-handed, even-strength, slapper, wrister, rebound, you name it and it went in for these guys.

The special teams clicked Monday night, killing off three penalties while scoring a handful of shorties. Nothing short circuits a powerplay like a short handed goal. Props to the PK-ers.

With that win, our record stands at 2-4. With two games remaining, a 4-4 record isn’t out of the question. We’ll need to turn in another effort like Monday’s to get that done.

So keep skatin’ hard, boys. Gimme a Gungala Gungala and let’s go!

Written by on June 5th, 2007

“W” stands for “Well, we’re making progress.”   no comments

Posted at 8:27 pm in Captain Postings

Yes, another post in the ever-growing line of “‘W’ stands for…” titles. (That’s TITLES, Mr. Connery, Famous Titles.) I’m trying to see if I can stretch this out the whole LN season.

We played against Dio on Monday and came up on the losing end of things, again. After the first half we were down 3-1 and wound up losing 7-2. For the most part we had a pretty good effort.

The line up had to be shuffled, again. B and Vinny were out. Vinny was sick, again (?), and B was at a show. Fortunately, Homer was able to make it so he provided us with some additional get-up-and-go out there. Igor and I moved up front from the blue line and generated some shots as forwards. Came close to cashing in on a few, too. Goalie Dave played well for us, again. (See a trend here?) Props to Brian for really busting his ass on defense. Dude was all over the place tipping pucks and blocking shots. He really helped Goalie Dave out.

On the down side, we continue to suck on specialty teams. We failed to kill off our only penalty and on the power play we had, we allowed a shorty. (Sounds like last year’s Barons, doesn’t it?)

Our next game is against Team Harpenter. That’s gonna be another big test for us. We’ll have B and Vinny back and maybe Homer will be able to show up. Time to put the band back together. We’re getting close to turning the corner and putting one of these teams away. Through the line up changes we’ve made, we are making improvements. Each week we build more chemistry. We’ll get there, it just takes some time.

Gimme a Gungala Gungala and let’s go!

Written by on May 16th, 2007

“W” stands for “What the PUCK?!?!”   no comments

Posted at 10:20 pm in Captain Postings

Well, we had our third game this past Monday versus Project Mayhem. We out-manned them but they out-skated us the whole night. Pretty frickin’ pathetic if you ask me. We fell behind early and everything just went to hell from there. (Final score 11-5.) We lacked fundamentals in the defensive zone and really failed to muster a whole lot of anything in the offensive zone. Turnovers and more turnovers haunted us all game long. No one was able to make a play.

We did get a power play opportunity and managed to piss it away by allowing two shorties. Reasons for the melt-down? Damned if I have any. We’re just not playing like a team out there. Instead of playing our game, we’re falling back into a mind set that we have to play with a lot more structure and that isn’t who we are. I know we’re a hell of a lot better than what we’ve shown these last two games. Dave continues to provide us with strong goaltending. The rest of us have to hold up our end of the deal. Play some god damned defense and score some friggin’ goals.

With our record at 1-2 so far, we really need to turn it around to avoid a long losing skid. Time to rebound for a big game against Dio on Monday night. It’s a late game, too, so we’ll have allllll day to think about it before we drop the puck.

Boys, let’s get back to playing as a team and STRIKE UP THE DAMN BAND! That goes for The Captain, too. I needs to get my ass in gear and start potting some goals for us. Gimme a Gungala Gungala and let’s go.

Written by on May 9th, 2007

“W” stands for “What the hell happened?”   no comments

Posted at 11:34 pm in Captain Postings

Well, we laced ’em up against the Steamers on Monday. We were out there physically, just not mentally. If it weren’t for Goalie Dave’s strong performance the score would have been much worse than 5-0. Have I mentioned Goalie Dave is like really good?

From the start we just didn’t have the mojo. Everyone looked like they were skating in quick sand (and for Igor and I, that’s really really bad). We went 0-for-2 on the power play and just couldn’t generate enough o-ffense to get things going. It was sorta like the Bad News Bears meet the Johnstown Chiefs, guys falling all over the place and a lot of swearing. When I was growing up I never dreamed I’d be playing in the Federal League…

One thing we found out is that Randy apparently is really good at hitting himself in the face with his own stick. He’s so good at it he did it twice. (So I ask the ref why he didn’t call either high-stick when he was looking right at the play and he tells me Randy hit himself. So I call bullshit, again.)

All in all, just a bad game for us. We’ll need to re-group and play with more effort next week when we face Project Mayhem. Games against them are always interesting.

Written by on May 2nd, 2007

“W” stands for “Whalers Win”   no comments

Posted at 7:35 pm in Captain Postings


Well we had our first regular season game on Monday and came away with a decisive 8-2 victory over the Stars. Goalie Dave backstopped us with a strong performance in net. Like the song goes, “I believe in a thing called glove.”

Our top line of Randy and Jay worked well with B and Igor on defense. They provided a lot of the o-ffense we needed by constantly attacking the puck and forcing turnovers. Having B scream and yell while he’s chasing down the opponents always helps, too.

I worked on the 2nd D-pair with Vinny while Derek and Brian played up front. For not having played together until Monday night, we looked pretty good. You could tell the chemistry was forming early on. Our line even killed off a penalty called on Vinny for tripping. (I still call bullshit on that one; he took a dive. The guy who drew the penalty must be popular with his teammates… he goes down easy.)

All in all, I was proud of our effort. From here on out we have to keep working hard, generating shots, and keep communicating. The games will only get tougher as we progress through the season.

Written by on April 25th, 2007

Gungala Gungala Let’s Go!   no comments

Posted at 9:58 am in Captain Postings

Welcome to the long-awaited first entry of Captain’s Corner, my little space on the internet to tell you what’s on Coach Bastard/Iggy Hattrick/The Captain’s mind. As I think of things, I’ll post them here. (This should be interesting.) So keep your head up ’cause I’ve been known to throw the occasional elbow.

Whaler Nation has been asking me a lot lately, “Coach Bastard, what’s up with all the recent roster moves?” Well, the Whalers are always evolving. We’re a progressive team. For those of you who missed the big news (check the Press Release on the front page), we canned Jonny as GM for conduct detrimental to the team. Jonny has also been released. I hear rumors a team in the Federal League somewhere in Virginia has expressed an interest. Of course I can neither confirm nor deny the validity of the rumor becuase that would require me to have more information. When asked about his release from the team, Jon was unavailable for comment. So I guess all those times I told Jonny he was off the team finally caught up to him.

In other news, Goalie Dave, turned Skater Dave, is back to Goalie Dave just in time for Lost Nation to start. Goalie Jen has been placed on the inactive roster for being a little too active (wink-wink, nudge-nudge). Goalie Dave has also taken over as Interim GM to get the Lost Nation team together. He retains his role as Director of Youth Hockey Development and Chief Minor League Populator.

Igor, or “Mr. Whaler of the Year 2006”, has officially received the title of “Guy Who Does The Other Crap No One Else Wants To Do.” Igor will take over putting the teams together for our usual Saturday games in Austinburg while still running whalersrollerhockey.com, procurring jerseys, and passing me the puck.

Last but not least, The Beez will be making his return to the team for our Lost Nation games. He’s only been able to make Austinburg a few games here-and-there due to work (and by work I mean poker and being deported). So he told me to make sure I mentioned his return. Dude’s already got his playoff beard and we’re just starting the session. It’s like the scene from the Blues Brothers, we’re putting the band back together. Any bets on how long it takes him to tee one up at an opponent?

Quite a last few weeks in Whalerville. Keep checking back here for updates and comments on press releases (and comments on other crap, too).

Gungala Gungala!

Written by on April 21st, 2007

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