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Punk Rock Thoughts…   1 comment

Posted at 7:37 pm in Reviews

I was watching ‘Punk Generation‘ last night and it got me to thinking. First off, the video is terrible, if you are hoping for anything decent, you’re better off searching youtube for shitty quality stuff taped off TV. The first video is the uber generic Trainspotting Iggy video, which is well, not terrible, but not exactly what you expect to kick-off a so-called punk DVD. I mean come on, the man has so much footage out there from his heyday just throw together like 3 minutes of him running around and pointing from the 70’s instead of his ‘dancing’ in front of a white screen. OK, back on target…. I finally watched some 999 on this thing and the lead singer from one of my favorite UK punk bands looks like a dude I would ask to do my taxes. Not a huge surprise, but after going through the other vids and finally seeing Sid Vicious and PIL it really showed how different (and if you know a little something) how quickly UK punk changed visually. The whole thing started with artsy kids from New York with an extremely vast array of looks. You had the Richard Hell torn shirt with words sprayed on it look, the Ramones uniform, New York Dolls’ glam-drag, and the Television/Talking Heads total art-school nerd looks. Every band looked different, they all had personality. The early UK punk bands (and then later the UK New Wave ones) all looked pretty similar, the all kind of looked like Television of the Talking Heads (not all of them, but generally), then along came the Sex Pistols and everything changed. Not only did all sorts of bands think they needed to get mohawks and spiked leather jackets, but that’s what everyone decided punk rock looked like. How did this happen? Seriously, one band, albeit a big deal for like a year, permanently did this. I’ve heard people say the Clash weren’t punk cause they didn’t look the part, the same with someone like Television.
WTF people?
This is pretty general knowledge and everyone knows this stuff, but for some reason this just really bugged me when I was watching this DVD. I can guarantee you that 90% of the people you see with mohawks and those stupid leather jackets with spikes and chains and patches are the same kids that think Black Flag is more punk rock then Johnny Thunders. It’s disgusting.

Written by on August 9th, 2009

Jason & the Scorchers reunion   no comments

Posted at 2:33 am in Reviews

Jason and the Scorchers reunion/Whiskey Daredevils 12/31/08 at the Beachland

Whiskey Daredevils (or the Cowslingers sans Bobby) as always put on a great show. They are always entertaining, playing like a less-crazed Cowlsingers, as they do. Although that may sound like a bad thing, it isn’t, no one could pull-off crazed enegery like the Slingers could, in place of that the Daredevils are still among the most entertaining bands you will see play live (not just locally, but nationally). There are still awesome songs, amazing instrumental work and hilarious hijinks.

Jason and the Scorchers – surprisingly the place was only around maybe half capacity for this big reunion. It was the 27th anniversary of the band. Switching into some pretty heavy country stuff they kept the energy up with lots of fast-paced “cowpunk” as Jason called it. The guitar player, Warner Hodges, was a show unto himself. He’s a pretty good sized dude that twirled around and pulled-off his best CC Deville guitar twirling techniques. He was great, and a darn fine picker as well. The repartee the guys have on stage is what you would expect from playing together for years, it wasn’t so much like they were talking to an audience as it was you were watching them having fun hanging out on New Years playing some hits.

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Written by on January 4th, 2009

New York Dolls   no comments

Posted at 2:32 pm in Igor's Music ranting place,Reviews

So I went and finally saw the “New York Dolls” at the Beachland. (notice the quotes) I will preface this by saying that I was still in the recovery stage after a 4-day bought of the flu, including a 103 degree fever. So the Dolls, or at least what’s left of them. What can I say? I missed whatever crap they were passing off as an opening act, and from what I hear, that was a good call.

Now I was not expecting much from these guys, I mean it’s Sylvain Sylvain and David Johansen, so basically the least contributing member of the band, and the lead singer. David Johnansen still has it, he looks pretty bad, but he can still bring that weird androgynous swagger he used to have, plus he has pipes! Now the rest of the band…I imagine this is what an OK NYD cover band would look and sound like. Sylvain Sylvain, in anything I have ever seen of the Dolls, he just was there, in the background. Nowadays he must be trying to make up for it, he’s out front and center trying to get any attention he can, which is fine, but it gets annoying after the first 2 songs, and downright unwatchable after the first 30 minutes.

The songs sounded OK, as good as could be expected. David Johansen was pretty fun to watch, but that’s it. It was really just not a good show. If I had seen it on TV and seen 1 or 2 songs, I would have said “Dang, these guys are rockin’ out”, but sadly I saw a whole set. It was so bad I actually left early, well it was the last song, but early nonetheless. That says it all right there.

Written by admin on March 21st, 2008

What makes that song so darned good….   no comments

If you have a great song they probably include at least one, if not more, of the following:

  1. Clapping (eg OK Go’s Get Over It)- Who doesn’t like clapping? And when you have a song that has clapping it’s like you actually have friends that like to clap to good music with you. Who doesn’t want friends?
  2. Counting (eg the start of any Ramones song, Jackson 5’s ABC) – Everyone likes when they know a part of the song, and if you kow how to count you know some part of it. ABC just happens to slyly parlay this this twice, with the alphabet and counting. Why do you think the letter people were to popular?
  3. The Bo Diddley beat (eg anything by Bo Diddley) – It’s made to stomp your feet and clap your hands to, and you already know hand clapping is good, add in the foot stomping and the song just made you dance. BAM! It’s like frickin’ magic.
  4. A good SCREAM (eg Blues Explosion’s Skunk) – If you have a guy who can scream well, you have a band. Look at Jon Spencer, Guitar Wolf, Little Richard, and the Sonics. You could have the guy from the Sonics screaming into a microphone and have Kenny G playing behind him and it would still kick you ass 17 ways to Sunday.
  5. Dusty Springfield (eg Son of a Preacher Man) – Seriously, Dusty Rocks.
  6. Heavy floor tom (eg any Ramones song) – If it keeps the 4/4 rockin’ it, then it will keep you rockin’ it. This is kinda like the Bob Diddley beat, but you’re much more likely to find it. how does the floor tom have this power? It was probably made by Link Wray or some other deity.
  7. Chicks who sing and play piano not named Tori Amos (eg Chantal Kreviazuk or A Fine Frenzy) – I have no idea why this works like this, but it does. Maybe it’s because they tend to have a voice that just cuts you, who knows? Tori Amos no longer does this after I saw the picture of her having a pig suckle her on one of her CDs.

Some bands regularly use all of these and they are great, like the Ramones (2,6), Guitar Wolf (2,3,4) and the New York Dolls (1,2,3,4). Other great bands have captured some crazy force of the universe and have forgone any of these requirements to make not just awesome songs, but awesome catalogs…basically that’s Link Wray and Dick Dale, but they’re beyond the scope of human comprehension.

Written by admin on March 7th, 2008

Yes….I can read   no comments

I finally finished ‘Passion is a Fashion’ on the bus today. It’s hyped as the most complete Clash biography out there, and it’s really good.

Great insight into the Clash’s complex relationships, music and ideals. The guy did interviews with pretty everyone who had anything to do with them, so you get all sorts of perspectives, plus he talks about England at the time so you know the landscape too. Just a really good, enjoyable, easy read kids.
Go get literate.

Written by admin on February 22nd, 2008

Was this just dumb?   no comments

I joined eMusic again. I had been on it before and used the get 50 free downloads offer. I got the Pippettes album and some other random stuff. I’m not exactly sure why I signed-up again, but it’s only $10/month for 30 downloads. If anyone wants to suggest something I should get, maybe only 1 or 2 songs from an album I’d otherwise not like, lemme know.

Written by admin on February 6th, 2008

Time magazine?   no comments

So I guess punk really is mainstream, and no I don’t mean Green Day sold more albums. This is pretty cool and recommended watching. http://www.time.com/time/photoessays/2007/punk_1977/.

Written by admin on August 30th, 2007

Aussie Zombies?   no comments

Posted at 2:44 pm in Igor's Music ranting place,Reviews

After what seemed like forever I made a return to rockin’ out at the Beachland. Playing were local faves Lords of the Highway, some other band that I missed and Zombie Ghost Train. As per usual, I do review friends, but I will say Dennis <3 Goats and the Lords got the place jumpin’, like they always do.
Now for Australia’s Zombie Ghost Train (I keep wanting to say Zombie Death Train)….They are a pretty basic 3-piece rockabilly band. They actually used the Lords’ drum kit and amps. The come out in white Misfits-style zombie make-up, and all dressed-up. The lead singer is fairly tall, but next to their tiny bass-player he looks hooge! What to say? ZGT was a really solid, if not spectacular, old-school rockabilly band. Now before you start thinking, ‘Well, glad I missed that show’, they had one thing that going for them, they were frickin’ hilarious! The show consisted of:

  • ‘Loving You’ cover
  • Butchered Johnny Cash covers
  • Elvis Covers (and a song about wanting to be buried next to him)
  • The lead singer taking off during drum/bass solos to have a smoke, then taking too long and the bass player trying to play guitar, but had no pick, then didn’t really know what he was doing, which led to the drummer trying to play bass, which he had never done and you could tell
  • The lead singer being so drunk he forgot they were playing a song in the middle of the song
  • Some kid stepping in when Sugar (from LOTH) did not to play some solid bass, then Sugar finally playing
  • The now really drunk singer trying to get everyone to buy a shot, but no one did 🙁
  • Stupid stories and insults to Nazi-land (seriously, they called it that)

That pretty much covers it, in general terms. It was a really, really fun show. On the Igor scale of see ’em/skip ’em/kill the band…..See ’em!

Written by admin on August 6th, 2007

Oh that crazy gold strat   no comments

Posted at 10:31 am in Igor's Music ranting place,Reviews

Dick Dale
Whiskey Daredevils
Grog Shop
Friday night May 18

Whiskey Daredevils – Solid, fun and good country-fried rock, but it still just makes me wish the Cowslingers were around. They are no Cowslingers, no one ever will be, but they still get the comparison since it’s 3/4 the band. Too bad, otherwise I’d prolly put them up higher in my band registry. Always worth it though.

Dick Dale – He has a new band since I last saw him (like 2 years ago), no longer does he has kid drumming and that Captain Jack or Ron or whatever his name was (the dude that looked like a burned-out 40-something surfer), instead he has 2 solid guys that are good, but no personality. It definitely makes DD stand out more since these guys are truly a backing band and not part of a 3-piece. As always Dick flirts with the ladies, without being creepy, conjolls the crowd to sing along, sings himself (usually pretty badly), plays trumpet/drums/bass, and looks like he isn’t even trying to play guitar faster and better then anyone you’ve ever seen in your life. When people ask me about seeing Dick live I always say how he’s a big ham up there, putting on a show and talking about this and that and it can be boring or upsetting or funny, or whatever, but the reason you need to see him at least once is his guitar-slingery. Simply put; no matter what else he does to put on a show (and he does put on a great show) his guitar playing live is like nothing you will ever see. He rips through songs at break-neck speed while walking around looking for gum or trying to find the best looking girl in the audience.
So this was a typical show. Dick talked about all his old stuff being re-issued, played plenty of classics. He finally played something different on the trumpet, and he sounded good too! In short: thank you Dick Dale for reminding me why I not only love your music, but love surf guitar.

Written by admin on May 23rd, 2007

So what the heck I’ve been doing….   no comments

Posted at 9:30 am in Reviews

I really haven’t been to many shows lately, having missed some (Type O due to extenuating ex-girlfriend issues) and just flat-out not paying big $$ for others (G. Love). So here is what I have seen:
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Written by on April 30th, 2007

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