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Just some thoughts   no comments

Posted at 3:03 am in News

Life without work is still fun kids, still not enough hours in the day to get my crap done I want to. I still have tons around the house to do, and trying to fit in fun stuff like playing guitar again is harder and harder. I celebrated not having a job by buying this:
My new amp
for myself. (That’s a Heath kit amp…solid state, 2×12, with tremolo and reverb, it screams in a melt your face kinda way). That’s the new amp, the newest guitar, plus the Tele in the bag, my little Fender amp, and a stack of guitar magazine.

I’ve been trying to do this picture a day thing since my birthday 3 weeks ago, and it’s really hard to remember to do it. I’m thinking of getting the new Verizon cameraphone that takes pics as good as my camera, maybe then I would use it more? I dunno, maybe the idea is just kinda dumb…

I would be remise to not mention that it looks like I got a job without really trying. I’ve gone to 2 interviews and been offered jobs at both. If everything goes through, which it probably will, I’ll be working for the man, seriously, I’ll be working for the government. Not doing anything fun like working for the CIA or cracking codes for the military, but it’s still funny.

I have been playing hockey every Saturday at Austinburg. I keep the Whaler’s website updated if you want to see pics. http://whalersrollerhockey.com

I’ve been thinking about starting a sports podcast, woudl anyone listen to it? I just love me some hot stove heater talk (awesome deal for Barfield!).

Just throwin’ it out there, the power wire for the litttle internal speaker in my PC fried itself and melted off the plastic casing, making a ton of smoke and freaking me out today. Also, I used the self-clean on my oven for the first time and it made my kitchen smell like poo all day long.

Just wanted to throw those out there.

Finally, kudos to Ohio for not being jackasses with most of the election stuff. Mostly everyone/everything I had hoped passed/won, except for some of the independant candidates that I voted for (who I know will never win). The smoking ban? should be nice, smoke doesn’t bother me (being as I gew up with it) so I don’t really care. A Democratic congress is nice too, hopefully. My only worry is that they won’t get enough done in the transition period which will effect the next presidential election.

Written by on November 9th, 2006

Links to know and actually read   no comments

Posted at 2:03 pm in News

A few things to read from my ever-so slanted political views:

Check em out and learn some things. IPac is a really great organization that is trying to help you from not being a criminal for owning and iPod (seriously). EFF is much like that too, but they don’t actively try to get people elected or ousted.

Learn something!

Written by on May 8th, 2006

In case you live under a rock….   no comments

Posted at 4:21 pm in News

Sony included software on their music CDs, that when installed on your PC, opens it up to allow any file that starts with ‘$sys’ to no longer be seen by Windows. This includes anti-spyware and anti-virus programs. This is really, really bad people. The CDs, when inserted into your PC need the software installed to play, but not to be ripped. The EULA tha tyou get says that nothing is being sent to anyone, and the software can easily be removed, both are lies! The software cannot be easily removed, not even by the removal program that Sony sent out, you need to get a rootkit remover to take care of it. The software also sends information to Sony including, what CDs you are listening to (not just Sony ones), how long you listen, which tracks, your IP, etc. Oddly enough, Sony is getting their ass’ sued off. They finally admitted the problem and published a list of the CDs here: http://cp.sonybmg.com/xcp/english/titles.html.

You can get more info on this here http://www.eff.org/IP/DRM/Sony-BMG/ from the EFF. I for one will no longer be buying Sony CDs, not for a long time.

Written by on December 21st, 2005

Some things to check out   no comments

Posted at 9:42 am in News

I haven’t posted any tech write-ups for a bit, so here are a few multimedia websites to check out that have cool info:

Yeah, most of these are from old Tech TV people, but hey they’re the ones doing the cool content, not my fault.

Written by on September 27th, 2005

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