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What is RSS   no comments

Posted at 2:36 pm in Write-Ups

RSS feeds have been around the Internet for years now, it’s just no one cared. What they are, is live bookmarks. You find a website you like that supports RSS (normally news sites like Slashdot or CNN) and you will can “subscribe” to their headlines.

If you use Mozilla/Firefox you can do this with the browser, which is really convenient and easy. You will find a little orange block Mozilla RSS in the bottom right hand corner you can click to “subscribe”, or bookmark it. This bookmark then will show the ten or so newest headlines with links to the full stories. It looks like any old bookmark, but it changes when they add a new headline. It’s easy to get the top stories on your favorite website without having to search around on the homepage for them.

You can use a standalone RSS reader if you don’t use Mozilla (shame on you!), or get ActiveX plugins for IE that do the same thing. Most news type websites offer RSS feeds now, as do just about any websites that updates regularly.

Technically speaking RSS is an XML feed. XML is just like HTML, but strict, like programming languages. All tags, must close and be in a order. XML is the hip new thing for computers, even Office has moved to an XML type format. Stick around I may write about how cool XML is and why it’s so popular. You write (or download) little scripts that read your web page, gather the RSS information and send the info, all out based on the tags embedded into your web page. Most ready-made blog sites (Blogger, Livejournal, etc) have this built-in

Check out some more info on RSS here, here and of course the Wikipedia.


Written by admin on March 17th, 2006

Pod Casting…Sweet!   no comments

Posted at 2:51 am in Write-Ups

I just started using poadcasting in the past few weeks and it is awesome!

First things first, you do not need an iPod to podcast, hell you don’t even need an mp3 player.

To understand podcasting you have to know about RSS feeds. If you don’t know about RSS feeds, go check this out first (see my previous Tech post). Now, instead of just having text fed to your computer, you can get audio. Podcasting is just an mp3 file attached to an RSS feed.

People use this for all sorts of cool things. You can get a daily round-up of Slashdot, daily sports updates, weekly DVD reviews, just about anything you can imagine. In order to get the podcasts you need special software to go out and “subscribe” to them, just like RSS. Most people seem to really like iPodder (my choice). You can schedule when it will go out to the net and get all of your new podcasts. I have mine go out at noon everyday and grab yesterdays news, that way I can listen to it all afternoon on my laptop at work.

Just a weird fact: One of the founders of podcasting, and it’s biggest champion right now is Adam Curry. Yes, former Mtv VJ Adam Curry.

Some people now are adding videos to their podcasts. This allows you to get daily highlights of sporting events, or cool television show subscriptions. There is something called Sound Seeing Tours, which are like having those tapes of tours you get at museums, but for free and on your MP3 player. It was just announced at Mac world that the next version of iTunes (4.9) will have podcasting software built-in, that’s how big this thing has gotten.

Podcasting is just starting to take off so all sorts of cool stuff is just down the pike for it. Try it out, see what you like and even if it’s not your cup of tea check it out again in 2 months and see how different it is.

My favortite podcasts:

Learn more here:
Wikipedia on Podcasting
Make your own podcast
Podcast Alley – The place to find the podcasts you want.

Written by admin on March 17th, 2006

Some cool stuff   no comments

Posted at 3:44 pm in Write-Ups

Here are some neat “Web 2.0” websites that show where the ole WWW is going…

You should at least know about this stuff, if not use it (although I luv flickr and wikipedia). Check it out and see where the net is going to be in the future.

Written by on December 21st, 2005

Hacking things…..even you   no comments

Posted at 11:41 am in Write-Ups

Here are some cool lists of hacks that are pretty neat:

There ya go kids, fun lists to keep you occupied.

Written by on December 6th, 2005

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