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Before the September call-up shenanigans start Part 3   no comments

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This is the second easiest category, so no need for a big write-up. The season started with Lou Marson and Mike Redmond just buying time until Carlos Santana was ready. When Supernatural (yeah that sounds dumb Twitter-verse) was ready he stepped in, batted clean-up and was just about everything the Indians hoped he would be. This led to Mike Redmond getting waived since apparently having Sandy Alomar on the roster was the requisite veteran catcher, that or Lou Marson’s seasoning last year coupled with his crappy hitting fooled them into thinking he was a 15 year vet, minus the beard. Santana got hurt, people cried, Chris Giminez re-emerged and Wyatt Torregas is destined to never be heard from again. Marson has been the starter since Carlos went down and while his hitting hasn’t been anything to write home about, his defense has been spectacular.

Going into 2011 the only question mark is Santana’s health. If he’s healthy he’s the starter and hits in the middle of the order. With his defense Lou Marson is making a great case for the back-up job, while Chris Giminez could possibly compete for it. Case closed.

Three words describe 2010 and 2011 – ‘Stuck With Hafner’.

While Pronk has done a valiant John Olerud impression since the  All-Star break, it would be nice to see baseball’s 2nd highest-paid DH actually drive in runs and not just smash singles. Yay!

Written by admin on September 1st, 2010

Before the September call-up shenanigans start Part 2   no comments

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What do the Indians have on their roster now?  Have they had on it this year? What do they need to still do to get ready for next year?  Those are the big questions that they’ll be answering in the final 2 months of the season. Let’s look at it in pieces:

What a mess this has been for the last few years. Does anyone remember when we knew every year you’d see Thome/Robbie/Omar/Travis around the horn? The big question was who would be your back-up? Herbert Perry, Alvaro Espinoza, Wil Cordero, etc sadly those guys could all get a shot at third this year. The season started not knowing if Matt LaPorta (no one thinks Hafner is every healthy, he just has multi-week stints of less being hurt) was healthy, so we got Russell the Muscle on his umpteenth stint with the Wahoo. With his big money contract he was entrenched as the starter at first. Asdrubal Cabrera was penciled in again as the SS and baseball’s laziest player was begrudgingly at third. Second base was to be shared with Luis Valbuena, who it was hoped would go more Carlos Baerga then Josh Barfield, and Mark Grudzielanek. Grudz and Andy Marte provided some back-up all around the diamond while LaPorta was stuck in the weird LF/1B limbo.

As the season went on, E5 was somehow worse then before not even hitting his normal useless, down 8-1, home runs, Grudz got hurt and released, Valbuena looks way more like Barfield, and Cabrera got hurt because E5 had to inflict as much damage as possible (I’m still convinced he hurt Grady, actually made the Cliff Lee trade, made Wedge hate Brandon Phillips and did something to Hafner). After trades and call-ups the season has settled a little, Cabrera is back at short, LaPorta is hitting decently and turning rather quickly into a very nice first baseman, and Jason Donald appears to be getting every chance possible at second no matter how poorly he hits or how mediocre his defense is. Third base has been a mess. Andy Marte has again shown he has no business being in the majors, and possibly AAA. Jayson Nix was picked-up on waivers and even though he has a decent track-record as a second baseman has been thrown over at third with Valbuena. I can only imagine this is some kind of experiment to show you can’t learn a new position in the majors, I mean otherwise why wouldn’t you call-up Jared Goedert, who is an actual third baseman? Really is Columbus’ play-off run more important then figuring out if this kid is the future at third or if there’s a gaping hole there waiting for Chisenhal?

In 2011 I think you’ll see Cabrera and LaPorta reprising their 2010 roles. Seeing that Jason Donald can’t play 3B and is being forced onto us at second (hello Masterson is a starter!) I think it’s pretty safe to say he’ll be playing there again next year. I would much rather see Donald shoved back to a utility role since he has no track record of being a decent hitter and this isn’t the late 90’s Indians that can hide a light hitter. During the season Jayson Nix and Drew Sutton were both picked-up off waivers, both are young 2B with starting major league experience, yet one is in the minors in 2010 and the other is being used as a utility player. I don’t see any real change from the revolving door at second next year, maybe some new faces, but that’s it. I would assume Goedert will get a very long look at third in spring training, as will Chisenhal. One of them will more then likely win the starting job with hopefully some kind of back-up that is not Andy Marte.

Written by admin on August 23rd, 2010

Before the September call-up shenanigans start Part 1   no comments

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What do the Indians have on their roster now?  Have they had on it this year? What do they need to still do to get ready for next year?  Those are the big questions that they’ll be answering in the final 2 months of the season. Let’s look at it in pieces:

The season started with Choo/Sizemore and a Kearns/LaPorta in left. Sizemore got hurt (again) and may not be back to start next year. Choo missed some time, but otherwise has had another solid year both in the field and at the plate. Kearns followed-up his monster spring with spending most of the year as at least the 2nd best hitter on the team while playing a solid left and filling in for Choo in right. After Sizemore got hurt, Trevor Crowe was recalled and has since gone from regular CF, to 4th outfielder, to regular LF to whatever the heck he is now. Crowe has been about the only guy who can consistently knock in runs while playing an extremely good LF and CF. Luckily Matt LaPorta got moved back to first, since his LF move reminded everyone of Richie Sexson. After injuries Shelley ‘Big Hit’ Duncan was called up and filled in at LF/RF and 1B. He’s been what can be expected from a veteran minor leaguer, solid but not spectacular (his role in the Red Sox fight not withstanding). We have also been forced to watch Michael Brantley attempt to hit in his first stint, but finally seem to go full circle Willie Mays Hayes and hit frozen ropes (all those push-ups must have worked) instead of trying to be a power hitter. Finally, after the trade deadline Jordan Brown finally made an appearance. (No I refute the idea that Anderson Hernandez and Chris Giminez get included here, unless Andy Marte is acknowledged as one of 5 best relievers on the team)

The rest of 2010 will have Choo in right and Brantley in center. Choo is staying there as long as the Korean Army or, the scarier Scott Boras army, take him away. Brantley has this extended look to show that he is a very good CF (how bad does Grady’s arm look now?) as well as a legit lead-off hitter. LF is open right now for Trevor Crowe to show he’s not a fluke and his clutch hitting is for real, and to get Jordan Brown some non-DH ABs. In September someone may pop-up and play a little, someone like Nick Weglarz, but in reality two spots are locked down for next year already and it’s a fight for LF (if Grady’s still hurt)/4th OF.

What’s happening in 2011? The only thing for certain is Shin-Soo Choo will be in RF to start the year. If Brantley continues his excellent play at the top of the order he will go in with a starting job to lose in spring training. On the other hand, if he struggles for an extended amount of time he will more then likely be the favorite, but the job may not be handed to him. Now the first big question mark….that sexxy Grady Sizemore. No one really knows how long he’ll be out for, or what exactly he will be like when he is back. Before he was hurt he could barely turn around on a pitch, and he does play center with that all-out reckless Jim Edmonds (think about it, lots of similarities here, both highlight reel CFs who were good hitters that weren’t great at anything and didn’t have a natural place in a batting order and whose style of play caused minor injuries to quickly accumulate and effect their play). With most teams they could bring Grady back as a part-time OF/DH, but not when 1/4 of your payroll is tied-up in a DH-only player. Grady won’t be seeing the field until he can play in the field regularly, be it in center or maybe even in left. That leaves at least 1 spot open in 2011 and barring any big free agent signing, I think it has to be Trevor Crowe. This kid has played all three outfield positions as well as hit lead-off, #5 and at the bottom of the order, and is a great pinch-runner.If you have 3 outfielders playing that are better then Trevor Crowe you have a better OF then we’ve seen in Cleveland in a while.

Update 8/23/10 – They said on the pre-game show that Grady should be back 100% for spring training.

Written by admin on August 15th, 2010

Everyone else is doing it….   no comments

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What has been the Indians biggest surprise this season? No, not Mr. 20/20 vision’s ability to injure teammates, he’s been hurting the team every other way for the past few years. No, not the ridiculous lack of major league depth in the middle infield so much so that after 2 guys get hurt they have to release Grudz to sign a back-up AAA player to the 40-man and it’s not even the guy they traded for this season (Brian Bixler). Nope, it has been the surprising to most play of 3/5 of the starting rotation. Carmona/Westbrook/Talbot have actually been good this year, like could pitch on most teams good. The bullpen is another story, but how does the Indians braintrust help to hide a young and erratic bullpen? why by riding out 2 starters with no business being in the rotation, that’s how. Of course I’m talking about David Huff and Justin Masterson.

Let’s start with Huff. Now I was a big proponent of giving him a spot to start the year since last season he was our best starter, granted that’s not saying much. Last season he showed the ability to avoid the big inning and minimize damage, this year notsomuch. He’s pitched really well until he lets a run or two in, then he seems to implode for another 3 or 4. On a team with an offense as bad as Cleveland that’s too much to overcome. Just about any other team would send this kid down to the minors for a few starts, get his confidence back, maybe learn to get out of some jams and then bring him back up. Look at Detroit, they’ve already done that with Max Scherzer and had such success they’re happy to do it to Rick Porcello now. They understand that it’s better to have a kid down for 2-3 weeks, work some things out now while he’s young and has options instead of getting his ass handed to him in the majors.

Justin Masterson is another case. This kid looks great going through the line-up once, then he gets more and more shaky. He has had some decent starts as of late, but I think that’s more an aberration then the new norm. Boston saw this in Masterson and moved him to the bullpen, where he has had major league success. Hell, Peter Gammons has even said he thinks he’s a future closer. Why are the Indians shooting themselves in the foot with this kid? Is it just to prove that they didn’t get fleeced in the Martinez trade? Well ya know what, you did, you got nothing for him, deal with it.

This argument can be extended to 2 relievers too, Tony Sipp and Rafael Perez. Sipp was, with Chris Perez, the most reliable thing out the of the pen until 2 1/2 weeks ago. Obviously at this point Sipp’s confidence is shaky at best, why is he still up here getting hammered? At this point he could have been sent down after his 3rd implosion and be close to being back up with hopefully a renewed outlook ready to dominate again. They need this kid to get right as quickly as possible and it doesn’t seem letting him get shellacked in the majors is working. Perez has just been terrible this year, building on a terrible 2009, good 2008 and amazing 2007. Right now he is doing nothing positive for the club. Why he is not sent to Columbus is a mystery to me, he would have to pass waivers, but who cares? Wouldn’t they be happy to have his contract off the books?

Now why wouldn’t these moves be made? Well maybe there’s no one in the minors to call-up.  Aren’t they supposed to have all this young pitching they’ve traded for and drafted? Some candidates to come up:
Carlos Carasco 5-3/79.2/4.29/1.33 – Uhm wasn’t he ‘major league ready’ last year?
Josh Tomlin 6-2/67.1/2.81/1.08
Jess Todd 2-2/30.1/3.26/1.42 – He’s already had some ML success out of the St. Louis pen, almost winning the closer job
Mike Gosling 3-0/27.1/2.96/1.13 – Remember when he was good and then sent down and never heard from again?
Joe Smith/Scott Lewis/Aaron Laffey are all having some success too. I know Laffey is working on starting, but come on.  How about this for an easy scenario that could work, send down Huff, move Masterson to the pen, let Raffy Lefty go wherever (getting him off the 40-man), call-up Homer Carasco since at some point he’s gonna have to show something and bring back Laffey. Even though he’s only made 3 starts he should be able to go 4-5 innings, which is as good if not better then the guys he’s replacing.

Now what are the chances that the Branyan or Kearns trades can bring a starter and a 2b over? I don’t have much hope, even less in fact that a Westbrook or Carmona deal brings a young starter.

Written by admin on June 21st, 2010

Paging Alvaro Espinoza, Jerry Browne and Luis Vizcaino   no comments

Posted at 8:59 pm in Igor on Sports

As it stands now the Indians have an ugly, hacked-together roster of a good minor league team. Let’s start with the regular starting 9:

Cf Trevor Crowe – As much as I luv Crowe as soon as they knew that Grady was done Brantley should have been on the plane up here. Crowe has done his part to stay up here, but unless Grady gets traded left field is Brantley’s next year. All that is being done is increasing Crowe’s possible trade value and hindering Brantley’s growth.
RF – Shin-Soo Choo – I don’t agree with it, but he is the best option to bat #2 now, he’s also the best hitter on the team and the only healthy ‘core’ player.
DH Travis Hafner – He’s a very, very expensive John Olerud who can’t field without a DL trip. Ugh.
LF Austin Kearns – After Choo he’s been the best player this year. He’s just biding his time until he gets dealt in what should be a very good for the Tribe deal next month. Maybe he can net them a middle infielder.
3B f**k stick
1B Russel Branyan – Thanks to Hafner being healthy and Kearns’ play Branyan pushed LaPorta back to Columbus for a month to get his crap together while he tries to prove he can help someone at the deadline. His power looks to be coming back and with no chance of him being back if you can get a bag of balls for him, do it.
2B Luis Valbuena – With the designation of Grudz he’s the fulltime guy again. With no one in the minors to challenge him this year Valbuena really has to show that his rotten start was just that and he’s more like the guy we’ve seen the last 2 weeks. I’d like to think if he bombs this year he won’t be back, but who knows?  I have no more faith in the front office to make what should be blatantly obvious moves.
C Lou Marson – Poor kid needs to be in AAA. He can play major league d back there and has a cannon, but he is just over-matched at the plate. Has Santana learned English yet?
SS Jason Donald – Like I said before the season started, John McDonald. As a backup that’s not bad at all, but I don’t see the offense from him over the course of a season.

I can’t believe I’m actually happy to see Andy Marte back. I really hope that it means he gets some starts at third. As bad as he has been I have no problem with him being the back-up 1B/3B next year even, as long as he rides the pine most of the time. There is no need for him to take away ABs from Matt LaPorta or Lonnie Chisenhall, but I’d rather him ride the bench for 100 games then someone like Jordan Brown.

So this Anderson Hernandez guy that was called-up just goes to show how shallow the middle infield is in the minors. Grudz was going to need a DL stint and they had no one on the 40-man to call-up. Real great looking out there Shapiro!

All I’ll say on the mess that is the pitching staff is Masterson and Huff seem to only put out decent starts when they’re looking like they have one more start before being sent down. Send Huff to AAA, move Masterson to the bullpen to help get some load off Chris Perez before he implodes like Tony Sipp, call-up Laffey as a starter and bring up someone else like Homer Carasco. You can also feel free to let Rafael Perez go away at anytime.

Did anyone pay attention to the draft? All I will say is it’s obvious the Indians were looking to fill-up the upper minors this year, not Lake County and Kinston. They grabbed an infielder and an outfielder who most figure as a future 2B in the first four rounds, along with a power lefty college starter and a power-hitting outfielder. With the fact that I think it’s 3 players Cleveland has drafted since 2005 have been in the majors, I’m about as excited as everyone else is (as in no one gives a flip about the MLB draft).

Written by admin on June 8th, 2010

So who could have the parts to dance?   no comments

Posted at 8:07 pm in Igor on Sports

Looking at the teams that could be interested in what the Indians have to offer I think there are a few candidates way more likely then other. I would put the Padres, Cards, Dodgers, Angels, Giants, and Oakland as the top candidates right now. Just who do these teams have to offer that could be of interest? let’s see:

SD Padres

  • James Darnell 3B – Disciplined hitter with some pop and at worst average glove
  • Jaff “Commodore” Decker OF- One of those ‘bad-body’ hitters (think Matt Stairs pre-diet) who will more then likely have to move to 1B
  • Drew Cumberland SS/2B – Has had health issues, but is an OB machine
  • Simon Castro RHP – Their top pitching prospect.
  • Wynn Pelzer RHP – An actual honest to goodness strikeout pitcher

St. Louis Cardinals

  • Shelby Miller RHP – Their top prospect who has a varied, if not overpowering, arsenal. This is his first full year in pro ball.
  • Lance Lynn RHP – Low ceiling, high floor kinda guy. In the Mitch Talbot mold it seems.
  • Joe Kelly RHP – Big arm with little results, someone like that has to work in Cleveland at some point, right?
  • Dan Descalso SS – He doesn’t seem like a stud, but he has a decent glove at SS which normally translates well to 2B and looks to be a decent OB/no power type-guy.

LA Dodgers

  • Dee Gordon SS – Toolsy prospect who is an unpolished SS with speed.
  • Chris Withrow/Ethan Martin RHP – Their top pitching prospects with huge ceilings. Maybe another Casey Blake type deal?
  • Scott Elbert LHP – A power lefty
  • Pedro Baez 3B – A free swinger who can actually put some out

LA Angels

  • Trevor Reckling LHP – A 21 year old in AAA with solid minor league numbers, who doesn’t like that?
  • Alexia Amarista 2B – He’s a little guy but he smacked the crap out it at A ball

SF Giants

  • Madison Bumgarner LHP – Maybe the really, really, really like Austin Kearns.
  • Nick Noonan 2B – The Giants luv him, but his numbers aren’t great.

Oakland Athletics

  • Nick Noonan SS – He’s only in A ball, but scouts like his offense and his defense at SS is steady.
  • Adrian Cardenas/Jemile Weeks 2B – Scouts like them both and they sound similar. Either should at worst be a major league 2B (ie not Valbuena)
  • Tyson Ross RHP – Sinker-groundball pitcher, and we know how Shapiro luvs that.
  • Fautino De Los Santos RHP – If nothing else on that name alone.

There are of course other prospects, maybe better ones for these teams, but would it make any sense to trade for a catcher or a CF?

Written by admin on May 31st, 2010

Are they mathematically out yet?   no comments

Posted at 9:59 pm in Igor on Sports

First, the teams that are currently in ‘the hunt’, and what they might be looking for:

Tampa Bay – I doubt they need much unless someone gets hurt. Maybe a DH or some bullpen help?

Yankees – See above, although the possibility for injury seems greater.

Toronto – If they stay in it and want to try for this year possibly a RF. I would assume they just play it out with what they have and maybe offer up some of their pitching for help down the road when they plan to contend.

Boston – They are a mess with their roster/injuries, so who knows?

Minnesota – I could see a 3B and some veteran pitching.

Detroit – I would think someone to play LF so Damon can DH fulltime, possibly a 2B to move Carlos Guillen to DH, and like everyone…pitching.

Texas – Catcher

Oakland – LF, SS, DH that can hit and a reliable starting pitcher if they go for it.

LA Angels – 1B to replace Morales, possibly a 3B if they want Izturis on the bench and a steady starting pitcher.

Philadelphia– See Yankees, although injuries seem to be a real concern.

Atlanta – CF? LF to push Hinske and Cabrera to the bench? Relief pitching.

Mets – Pitching of any kind.

Cincinnati – See Tampa

St. Louis– Starting pitching that isn’t hurt, relief pitching, bat off the bench.

San Diego – SS, OF, unlike everyone else they need hitting instead of pitching.

LA Dodgers – Starting pitcher, OF to replace Eithier then move to the bench as the 4th, 2B if DeWitt doesn’t step it up and/or Carroll is moved back to the bench.

San Fran Giants – If Pat Burrell doesn’t work out an OF.

What would the Indians have that teams would actually want?

Jake Westbrook – He has just the remainder of his $11m deal left and looks like he’s back to a groundball machine. He’s a vet who would slot in great as a #3.
Possible interest? Basically everyone, but especially St. Louis, LA Angels, Dodgers, Mets

Jhonny Peralta (aka E5) – He’s terrible so why anyone would want him I have no idea. Maybe someone would think his ‘We’re out of it, so now I can hit’ is really a second-half surge. He’s only got the remaining $4.5m this year and he can suck at 2 positions, oh and he does have 20/20 vision.
Possible interest? This is a chance to see who’s the dumbest GM.

Kerry Wood – He’s looked decent this year. If he ramps it up to look like a viable closing option he does have play-off experience as a closer, could possibly be a shut-down set-up guy, only a remaining $10m this year and a 55 games finished clause that will never get reached to automatically activate his option year.
Possible interest? Everyone, he’s a perfect deadline pick-up

Mark Grudzaklfhjksdhfjsgfls – He’s cheap, always hits for a decent average with good control, is a veteran, and can play all over the place.
Possible interest? Pretty much anyone

Russel Branyan – He’s only on a 1-year $2m deal, his power looks OK after his injury, he can actually play a decent 1B.
Possible interest? LA Angels, Tampa Bay, Oakland

Austin Kearns -Another, uber-cheap 1-year deal who’s just killing it this year. As a bonus he can play RF or LF well.
Possible interest?

Some other names I could see being tossed around, but I doubt would go anywhere unless someone really, really wants them:

  • Trevor Crowe  -Brantley is the future
  • Fausto Carmona – He makes over league minimum so he’s out there some
  • Lou Marson/Wyatt Torregas/Mike Redmond – Carlos Santana is the man, everyone else is just a back-up
  • Rafael Perez – If anyone thinks they can straighten him out

Hopefully any deals that are done are not just salary dumps (unless it’s E5), but instead bring in what the team needs….young infielders and power arms for the rotation.

Written by admin on May 30th, 2010

The case for bye bye Mr. Sexy   no comments

Posted at 6:45 am in Igor on Sports

This may sound crazy, but stay with me here. Grady Sizemore may be the face of the Indians, but he is far from their best player, and really he is looking like a declining player. If you simply look at his stat lines:

2004 Cle 43 138 15 34 6 2 4 24 14 34 2 0 .246 .333 .406 .739
2005 Cle 158 640 111 185 37 11 22 81 52 132 22 10 .289 .348 .484 .832
2006 Cle 162 655 134 190 53 11 28 76 78 153 22 6 .290 .375 .533 .908
2007 Cle 162 628 118 174 34 5 24 78 101 155 33 10 .277 .390 .462 .852
2008 Cle 157 634 101 170 39 5 33 90 98 130 38 5 .268 .374 .502 .876
2009 Cle 106 436 73 108 20 6 18 64 60 92 13 8 .248 .343 .445 .788
2010 Cle 31 125 15 26 6 2 0 12 9 34 4 2 .208 .270 .288 .558

What do you notice? He has steadily decreasing BA/OB%/BB/HR and increasing SO rate over the last few years. Now this could just be that Grady was hurt last year, still isn’t fully recovered and maybe in 2008 he just leveled-off from a stellar 2007, or is it that he’s a really good hitter (he is a gold glove CF) that has been over-hyped after a huge start in the majors and his all-out style is limiting his ceiling and also adding undo mileage onto his body. Now if Grady is no better then a .270/.370/.480 20-20 guy who plays gold glove centerfield that’s definitely not a bad thing, but is it time to sell high? Grady has two more years on his current deal for very little money (2011 $7.5m, 2012 $8.5m), he’s still young, can hit in multiple line-up slots, and he plays a premium defensive position. This means a team trading for him would get him for a good amount of time (~2.5 years), not be hamstrung with a Hafner-esque contract and he’s not the normal trade deadline hitter who can be hid in left or at first. Pretty good sounding, right? So he obviously would be a desirable commodity.

That’s all well and good, but why would the Tribe trade him?
If he has peaked is it really better in the future to have him in center and Michael Brantley in left? Brantley will be the lead-off hitter in Cleveland sooner rather then later so Grady is either the #2 hitter or #3 of the future. If he doesn’t learn to cut-down the strikeouts he is not an ideal #2 and when you also have Shin-Soo Choo, isn’t he or Asdrubal better suited at #3? This would push Grady down to a #5 or 6 in the line-up, where he simply doesn’t have the pure power numbers you’d hope to see there. If you move him that moves Brantley to center and leaves LF for a more traditional middle of the order type guy (maybe Matt LaPorta?  or dare we hope a FA after Kearns leaves us for more $$) that this team does need.
Right now until at least the middle of July Cleveland is completely focused on LeBron and where he signs. This distraction could help throw-off what would assuredly be negative local press for any trade of Grady. Yeah people would still care, but really it would lead local sports that day and then it’s back to LJB watch 2010. Thus making now the best time from a PR stand-point.
Whoever you get would definitely be cheaper. The Indians like cheap.
Trading him may allow you to more easily package away Kerry Wood, Jake Westbrook, Russell Branyan (we all know he should go at the deadline if you can get anything since he’s not coming back next year) and/or E5.
You could easily fill some of the glaring holes on this team with young, good, cheap talent.

Not so bad, right? Who would be interested though? What would you reasonably be able to get for him? I think you have to start asking for a young major league rotation-ready starter (not Justin Masterson ready) and then either a second baseman or power-hitting OF/1B guy. A few teams off the top who could be interested would be San Francisco and LA.

San Fran needs offense, has Aaron Rowand batting lead-off and Mark DeRosa starting in LF. They could use Grady to bump Rowand to left and DeRosa or Aubrey Huff to the bench where they belong. They also have a surplus of young stud starters that they have discussed in the past and may be more willing to move with Barry Zito looking awesome this year. Maybe a Grady/Wood package for Jonathon Sanchez, or *hope* *hope* Matt Cain, or Madison Bumgarner, and Thomas Neal (AA OF) and 1 or 2 other guys. Not a bad deal, you’d get a legit young #1 or #2 behind Fausto and a hitting LF.
LA just had RF Andre Eithier break his pinky. They already have a full outfield with him, Manny and Matt Kemp, but Manny’s defense looks abysmal and it’s foregone that he won’t be back next year and last time he was in this situation he quit on Boston. I’m pretty sure they’ll be trying to move him to an AL team this year. They could take Grady and have an awesome defensive outfield with him Kemp and Eithier. The most frustrating player other then Man-Ram for the Dodgers is their young lefty with control issues (seriously don’t all lefties spend the first 2-3 years in the majors with control issues? WTF?) Clayton Kershaw. LA wants to contend this year so they might be willing to listen to a Grady/Westbrook and/or Wood package for Kershaw and either Andrew Lambo or Trayvon Robinson, both AA OF. Kershaw is a stud, who still is a year or two away from going bonkers and being a Cy Young candidate the other 2 are guys who could step into Columbus right now, Lambo is more of a slugger. Maybe you could expand the deal to include getting Blake DeWitt and push Valbuena to the bench with Grudz going to LA so they can have the Indians old-timers (Grudz, Jamey Carroll and Casey Blake).
The fact that you could leverage SF against LA really could help these happen. Some other teams that could have an interest and have young pitching include Tampa Bay, Atlanta (no Schuerholz means it’s less scary to trade with them), Mets, Padres, Yankees (they’re in on everything), maybe the Blue Jays.

So is the idea of letting him go crazy? I don’t think it’s that much so, at least it should be explored.

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Really is small market the problem?   no comments

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After the first week of the season the Tribe’s starting pitching has looked really good, the bullpen decent, the hitting terrible and E5 (formerly E6) has already cost them at least 1 win. Not much else to say on them yet, so instead a few thoughts on the idea that has come back on how the reason the Indians can’t win is that Dolan doesn’t have the $$.  This is not a good excuse or reason to blame someone. Granted, if you have owner with really deep pockets it’s a lot easier to win (Yankees, Red Sox), but it’s not guarantee for success if you screw-up with all that money (Mets, Cubs) and just have an expensive crappy team. The real reason the Indians don’t win? The front office has been terrible! It all goes to Mark Shapiro. He is the final say in front office dealings, so no matter what is and isn’t his fault it’s been under his watch that it has gone on.

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Predictions   no comments

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  • Sizemore falls 3 dingers shy of a 30/30 year
  • Hafner bounces back with a respectable .280/32/100
  • Chris Perez leads the team in saves with 25
  • Injury-prone Kerry Wood brings a better player in return then Toilet
  • Aaron Laffey gets into the rotation and ends the season as the #2 and 13 wins
  • Lou Marson? Deadline tradebait!
  • By June Michael Brantley is leading off and leads the team in steals being one of 4 players with 20+ (Sizemore, Choo, Cabrera, go go NL ball)
  • Lonnie Chisenhall makes everyone realize just how bad the Black Hole was
  • Valbuena gets bumped to a utility role by Grudz’s steady D and hitting
  • Justin Masterson pitches his way out of the rotation, but looks good in the ‘pen
  • Matt LaPorta shows some flashes of promise, but injuries, Brantley staying put in left  and Russell the Muscle cut into his numbers and ABs
  • Every passing month the Cliff Lee for crap trade looks worse and worse
  • Fausto Carmona flirts with a No-no, but ends up just north of .500

Finally…..77 wins and 3rd place!

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