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Before the September call-up shenanigans start Part 3   no comments

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This is the second easiest category, so no need for a big write-up. The season started with Lou Marson and Mike Redmond just buying time until Carlos Santana was ready. When Supernatural (yeah that sounds dumb Twitter-verse) was ready he stepped in, batted clean-up and was just about everything the Indians hoped he would be. This led to Mike Redmond getting waived since apparently having Sandy Alomar on the roster was the requisite veteran catcher, that or Lou Marson’s seasoning last year coupled with his crappy hitting fooled them into thinking he was a 15 year vet, minus the beard. Santana got hurt, people cried, Chris Giminez re-emerged and Wyatt Torregas is destined to never be heard from again. Marson has been the starter since Carlos went down and while his hitting hasn’t been anything to write home about, his defense has been spectacular.

Going into 2011 the only question mark is Santana’s health. If he’s healthy he’s the starter and hits in the middle of the order. With his defense Lou Marson is making a great case for the back-up job, while Chris Giminez could possibly compete for it. Case closed.

Three words describe 2010 and 2011 – ‘Stuck With Hafner’.

While Pronk has done a valiant John Olerud impression since theĀ  All-Star break, it would be nice to see baseball’s 2nd highest-paid DH actually drive in runs and not just smash singles. Yay!

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I know I know   no comments

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Update Looks like everything is all fixed up.

I know the blog looks all messed-up. I just upgraded the software for it, which messed-up some stuff, but everything is still (t)here. When I get some time I’ll fix it up.

Deal with it kids.

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